Working with me

I offer personalised nutrition and lifestyle coaching based on your individual needs.  It takes time and commitment to create new habits and I don’t believe that one-off consultations are the answer as it doesn’t provide the support and accountability that people need to make lifestyle changes.  I will work with you to make manageable changes that you can incorporate into you daily routine and address any challenges that you may have along the way.   


I can also arrange functional testing to assist with getting to the root cause of your issue such as food intolerance testing, parasite tests, adrenal stress test, total thyroid testing and full hormone panels.


Programmes range from 30 days to a few months depending on what you are looking to achieve and can be done either face to face (based in Chelmsford) or via Skype/Zoom video.   


If you are unsure whether the programmes below are right for you or would like to discuss these further then book in a free discovery call today!

30 Day Renewed Health

Kick start you health goals and feel more energised and lighter in 30 days!


60 Days to Happy Hormones

Are your hormones driving you and others around you crazy?  Find out how to balance them naturally and get back to feeling "you" again.


90 Day Gut Transformation

A personalised programme to address digestive health issues such as IBS, food intolerances and painful bloating.