90 Day Gut Health Transformation Package


This programme is for you if you are experiencing symptoms of poor gut health such as bloating/cramping, trapped wind, IBS symptoms, possible food intolerances and sensitivities such as gluten and dairy. 


You may be feeling low in energy, run down and struggling to get through the day and would like to find out what could be triggering the symptoms and how to manage it without relying on medications.

You don’t want your life to be dictated by your gut anymore and want to enjoy going out for meals and social events without worrying about embarrassing noises or what the after-effects are going to be!


You are serious about getting your health back on track and are motivated and committed to making changes to your lifestyle for the next 90 days and beyond!

Digestive issues are one of the most common reasons that people seek nutrition advice and the varying symptoms can be very frustrating and often unpredictable.  I aim to seek out the root cause of the issues and work on healing the gut from the inside which often has a beneficial effect on other things such as skin health and the immune system.  If you are ready to make the necessary changes to become free of your digestive pain then I am here to help you!

This programme includes:

  • Initial in-depth consultation lasting 60-90 minutes either face to face or via Skype to discuss health history and current lifestyle, goals and challenges.

  • Weekly 30 minute sessions to check your progress, set new goals and provide support for any challenges you are facing.

  • Specialised gut healing nutrition/lifestyle plans.

  • Recipe suggestions and handouts if required.

  • Discounted supplements and testing if required.

  • Access to a Facebook support group where you can connect with other people get tips, recipes and share experiences.

  • Email support in between our sessions if you need it.