Interview with Sarah

I’ve tried other diets before and they haven’t worked, why is this different?

Because this isn’t a diet. We are working together to make lasting changes to your diet and lifestyle and the recommendations are personalised to your needs. As long as you are committed to change and are willing to invest some time and effort, you will see progress.

Will I have to buy expensive health foods or buy everything organic?

Not necessarily, as each plan is personal I take into consideration your budget and current lifestyle. I wouldn’t expect someone who is living on convenience foods to suddenly get everything organic and be having complex menus. The aim is to make a lifestyle change, for some people this could mean a few changes to their diet while for others it could be a longer process.

I can’t travel to you, can I have a consultation over Skype?

Yes this is possible. It is better to have a face to face initial consultation but if you can’t get to my location then we can arrange to have this via Skype.

Will I still be able to go out to restaurants and have meals with friends?

Yes! This isn't a diet where you are deprived of food, it is a lifestyle plan. I will be advising you of healthy changes that you can make to your diet and foods to include more of so you can incorporate this into your meals out. Don't panic if you indulge occasionally during meals with friends, just get back on track the next day!