Why do diets fail?

I think most of us have been there, we start a diet and be really strict with ourselves, counting calories, fat or carbs and are mostly successful at losing some weight, but then what happens? We come off our diet and slip back into our usual eating patterns and put all the weight back on again and more.

Unfortunately diets only deal with the food side and not the emotional side which is the main reason why diets fail. The very language that we use can be very powerful in turning this around.

Lets think about it, when we go on a diet we say we want to lose weight but losing something is rarely a good thing. How do you feel when you lose a favourite possession or a loved one? Not great right, so subconciously we are afraid of losing as loss equals pain.

A better way to turn this around would be to say you want to gain a healthier lifestyle or you want to feel lighter and slimmer, that evokes positive feelings.

Another thing we tell ourselves when we are on a diet is we can’t have certain foods. Noone likes being told that we can’t do or have something! This can bring up frustration, anger, and rebelling. Instead think of all the things you can have and how they are going to make you feel having fresh, nutritious food.

If you are trying to slim down, aim to be mindful of what you are telling yourself and others for a few days and notice the difference in feelings - it doesn’t have to be a struggle!

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